Welcome to the official website for registering travelers coming to the Arab Republic of Egypt. In the interest of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population for your safety and the safety of all travelers, and to avoid waiting while crossing through the gates of Egyptian airports, please fill out the following form data at least two days before the start of the trip so that quarantine management officials can review the data and entry requirements in advance. Filling out this form will reduce the waiting time upon arrival.

Registration Steps

Welcome to the Arab Republic of Egypt; The land of peace and safety. In order to ensure the safety of all travelers, Egyptian Health Quarantine offices are located at all Egyptian entry points. They are responsible for providing all necessary health services such as preventive care, curative medical care, emergency services, health education, etc. And in order to ensure a safe trip, please fill all the required fields. Happy trip and see you soon in Egypt.

Registration Step 1

Complete all the required fields, then upload the reuqired documents.

Registration Step 2

The Egyptian Health Quarantine authorities will formally review the accreditation of the attached certificates. Upon approval of the application, a QR code assigned to you will be generated. To follow up on the status of the application, please go to the official website and click on the corresponding link, the QR code will appear on the official website

Registration Step 3

Please print the QR code or save it as an image on your mobile phone and show it to the Airline Authorities at the airport entrance gates before departure, and to the Egyptian Quarantine Authorities after arrival. By following the previous instructions, the Egyptian Quarantine Authorities will allow you to pass without waiting in long lines or any other procedures

  • Personal data
  • Contact details
  • Trip data
  • Required documents
  • Summary & Consent
If you have faced any problem while filling out the form, please contact us.


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